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11月 25, 2014

Exhibition “Happy End”


Exhibition of 60 photographs of the greatest rock band in Japanese rock history.

Gallery Le Deco, Shibuya, Tokyo.

11月 5, 2014

iPad “Mike Nogami’s SNAPSHOT DIARY”


iPad photo collection application.

Include more than 4000 photos from 1953 to 1999, mostry from early 1970’s, a lot of text and audio commentaries with special guests. Include documentation of the infamous HAPPY END band in early 1970’s.

Text in English and Japanese.

iPad only.

This App is available from iTune store.

iTune Store

From Japan Times on December 5, 2014

Japan Times Review
12月 12, 2002

Book: “HAPPY” Snapshot Diary Tokyo 1968-1973




(Volume 1 & Volume 2)

2002, Blues Interaction

463 photographs; text in Japanese.

A rare and precise documentary of Japanese pop culture in the late 1960s and early 1970s. As the title suggests, this is a collection of images from Mike Nogami’s photographic diary of his life in Tokyo during that era. The focus of the collection is Nogami’s friends’ rock band, the now-legendary Happy End. In addition to documenting the social milieu and Nogami’s personal life, the photographs trace the evolution of Happy End, from its first incarnation as Apryl Fool to the end of the band and the beginnings of the group members’ solo careers.

12月 1, 2002

Exhibition “HAPPY”

Gallery 360”, Aoyama, Tokyo.

Enlarged contact sheets (40×50 inches) of 35mm B&W negatives from “HAPPY”.

7月 12, 2000

Book: Happy na Hibi


2000, Music Magazin Sha

156 pages; text in Japanese

The Story of a ground braking rock band called Happy End (1970-1972) in Japan with text and photographs by Mike Nogami.



2月 1, 2000

Exhibition “Happy na Hibi.”

Gallery Le Deco, Shibuya, Tokyo.

B&W 11×14 Prints form 1968-1973 “HAPPY”.

10月 26, 1968

Work “Snapshot Diary”

I shot 20,000 pictures from 1968 to 1974, of friends, family, and things that I just wanted to remember. Later, I called this collection my Snapshot Diary.

Snapshot Diary, Tokyo. 1968-1973